Long ago,there was a young fisherman who loved music. He has too poor to afford violin or a harmonica. So he made himself a flute using bamboo and he played beautiful music with it. His mane is Karim. One fine day, while he has practising his favorite song  he heard a loud splash from the sea. right before his eyes, he saw the princess of the sea coming out of the water. she sat on a rock nearby and listened to karim’s beautiful music. When he has finished, she asked him if he could take a journey to the bottom of the sea. He agreed. She then gave him a strange brightly coloured potion to drink. She explained that the potion would allow him to breathe in the water.

In the sea Karim saw seahorses, colourful corals, sea anemones, sea urchins and lots of other beautiful sea creatures he had never seen before. When both of them were in the sea King’s palace, Karim’s sharp ears heard weeping sounds. He asked the Princess who were crying and why were the crying. A tear trickled down the princess’ cheek and she explained that the sea king was dying and her sisters were weeping. Karim went to see the sea king. the king’s eyes were closed and he looked as if he would die soon. karim felt sad too and he started to play a song called “Be Happy” as karim’s  merry music filled the air , the king’s was cured everybody in the palace was overjoyed. As a reward, the king made karim


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