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Money Download ! was the site Link Library with a collection of links that will continue to grow over time. These links are the links that can be used as a source download any software on the Internet such as windows, linux, mac, php scripts, java scripts, asp scripts, operating system, games, PS2, PS3, X-BOX, electronic books ( e-books), movies, video clips, video tutorials, mp3 and any information or can be downloaded from the internet whenever and wherever we want.

There are two groups of links in the link library, the Free link to FREE Member and Vip link for VIP Members . Anyone can join in the Money Download ? FREE and even can directly Download Money amounting to Rp. 10.000, – !.

For Free Members , members can access all the links by category Free Links , but to be able to access the links groups Vip link s, the member must upgrade his membership of FREE Member to VIP Members with upgrade fee of Rp. 100.000, – (of a lifetime).


  • Can access all the links, both Free Links and Vip links .
  • Can utilize the website Money Download ! as Online Money Machine!
  • Sponsoring a bonus of Rp. 20.000, – every time there is a level 1 downline upgrade to VIP Member .
  • Sponsoring a bonus level 2 for Rp. 4000, – every time there’s a level 2 downline keanggotananya upgrade to VIP Member . And so on up to a depth of 10 levels each with a value of Rp. 4000, – (level 3), Rp. 4000, –(level 4), Rp. 4000, – (level 5), Rp. 4000, – (level 6), Rp. 4500, – (level 7), Rp. 5.000, – (level 8), Rp. 5.000, –(level 9) and Rp. 5.500, – (level 10).
  • Can Performance Bonus 1 in the form of the Blackberry Curve 9800 -5 level matrix when its full.
  • Can Performance Bonus 2 in the form of Toshiba NB305-A102 Notebook matrix level 6 when its full.
  • Can Performance Bonus 3 form Motorcycles Yamaha V-Ixion matrix level 7 when its full.
  • Can Performance Bonus 4 a Toyota Rush 1.5 G VVTi M / T 8 level matrix when its full.
  • Can Performance Bonus 5 a Luxury Car BMV 3 series – 320i Steptronic matrix when its full level 9.
  • VIP members can also add VIP links to link his own and will get royalties link sharing . Appeal is expected to make a collection of links on the library link Converter Download ! is becoming more and more!


    1. Each member who signs up to the Money Download (free) will immediately get a download Money for Rp. 10.000, – and got over his own web replication to addresshttp://UangDownload.Com/id_member .
    2. If then he invites his friends to join the Money Download via web replica, he will receive a royalty amounting sponsoring Rp. 20.000, – per person. Note: The system spillover and Randomize , members still likely to earn an income even without doing any promotion.
    3. If her friend invited her again to join in the Money Download , then he will get another Rp. 4.000, – per person as a sponsoring bonus level 2. And so on up to a depth of 10 levels. By Marix 4, to earn Rp.7.5 Billion You simply invite a minimum of 4 VIP members only. For more details, see the table below illustration …
Downline Level 1
20,000 x 4 = Rp. 80.000, –
Downline Level 2
4,000 x 16 = Rp. 64.000, –
Downline Level 3
4,000 x 64 = Rp. 256,000, –
Downline Level 4
4,000 x 256 = Rp. 1,024,000, –
Downline Level 5
4.000 x 1024 = Rp. 4.096 million, –
BlackBerry Curve 8900
Downline Level 6
4.000 x 4096 = Rp. 16,384,000, –
Toshiba NoteBook
Downline Level 7
4.500 x 16384 = Rp. 73,728,000, –
Yamaha V-Ixion
Downline Level 8
5.000 x 65536 = Rp. 327 780 000, –
Toyota RUSH 1.5 GM / T
Downline Level 9
5.000 x 262144 = Rp. 1.31072 billion, –
BMW 320i Steptronic
Downline Level 10
5,500 x 1048576 = Rp. 5.767168 billion, –
TOTAL Rp. 7.5012 billion, –
  1. Money Download ! using a system of e-wallet (online electronic wallet) for royalty payments. All income will be included in the online wallet and can be requested to be transferred to the account of each member if the number has reached at least Rp. 60.000, – . Condition, the member concerned has upgraded its membership to VIP Member .


Once the money is in the e-wallet you reach a value of about Rp. 50.000, – s / d Rp. 80.000, – should immediately upgrade to VIP Member . For if the value has reached Rp. 130.000, – or more and the status is still FREE / NEW Member , automatic system Money Download will bring it into AUCTION PAGE POSITION so that its position can be used by other members who are willing to do the upgrade to VIP Member in advance (see page AUCTION POSITION) Using the mechanism Swapping .


There are some income status within the online wallet Money Download ! that you should understand, including the status of Active , the status of Pending , the status of Process and status payout .

  • Status Active is a status indicating that the money comes from your downline who have VIP Memberso it can be thawed whenever you want (according to regulations). So
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